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Member Privacy

Game Gatherers will never release any emails addresses to third-parties and emails will never be used except automatically by the system if you so choose to request a password reset. Very rarely, we may also email you important changes if we so feel it neccessary. Passwords are stored in an encrypted manner and cannot be read directly from the database; therefore, cannot be sent at all to you or gained by any person(s) in their english form.

Loss Warranty

As Game Gatherers is a free and non-profit website, any loss of on-site data including (but not limited to) collection items, friends, comments, messages or achievements do not bare any monetary value and will not be guaranteed in any way. The site data is backed up frequently; however, you are also able to export your collection at any time to ensure no data is ever lost. Please report all errors, glitches, bugs and other issues on the Contact page.

Intellectual Property Rights

Game Gatherers in no way, shape or form owns the copyrights, trademarks or intellectual property rights contained in the games listed on the site, nor the graphics of said games. All content is deemed as persmissable to be on this site by the users that uploads the content. Please report any content that breaks any type of laws.


Any data or images that are uploaded must not contain any nudity, dipiction of hate, racism or any other "bad stuff". Use your own judgement, but be warned. We don't fool around with this rule. You risk losing your account.


We do not manage any buying, selling or trading done on the site. Any commerce activity is not supported or mediated. We will not be held liable in any way for any commerce activity. Please let us know if you got ripped off though.


These terms my change at any time without warning.