What you are seeing is a live site-preview, nothing currently works. Check back soon!



November has been a busy month for me. Unforunately, not a lot of work was done in the first half, but now in the second half - things are shaping up! A lot of the core programming is done for the most important functions such as adding games and items to your library. I also started on icon design so the information flows as best as possible with the use of visuals. I started recruiting a couple to help me test throughout the beta to make sure this is the best site to house your collection. In the meantime I have also discovered a couple other sites that more-or-less have some of the basic functionality of this site, so hopefully I can build off of those and improve Game Gatherers.


Design, development, brainstorming and everything else has begun! The site has been launched in a pre-alpha state - completely live for everybody to see. It is also completely broken... sounds like the worst idea ever? In other news, there is no news! Check back later.