What you are seeing is a live site-preview, nothing currently works. Check back soon!


The idea of the site all started with the concept of community gaming. I wanted to start a local project for people that play video games in my area. Unfortunately, not a lot of people do, mainly due to living in a small city, so it would ultimately be a waste of time - I already have enough of those type of sites, haha. The concept and design changed a lot through the development process to what you see today. After the preliminary brainstorming session I realized that I could use this for myself and truly have a website worked on from passion. Being a video game collector myself, I have been using many softwares out there to catalog, but none of them cut the cake for me personally. So why not make a site about it? Why not open it up for other people to use? Why not build a community around it? Sounds good to me!

If you want to find out what has been changing around here since it was launched, please view the News page.

If you are interested in helping out, the biggest thing you can do is be active and promote the service. If you would like to help any of the coding aspects, you can write any new or edited functionality that you want and send it in. If I approve it, you will probably see it on the site relatively soon with credit to your profile and name. The site is currently built around XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.